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Anthonia’s Strategy Academy

Anthonia’s Strategy Academy is comprised of a series of business development strategies used to launch and re-launch law firms. Below are a few of the building blocks that make up her signature Strategy Academy program, designed to help you find new revenue, scale your business and manage competitive threats.

Brand Strategy

Marketing & Content Strategy


Product Definition

Growth Strategy

Market Analysis



Website Strategy

Payment Systems

About Anthonia Spencer

Law Firm Business Development Strategist

Anthonia is a unique and highly sought-after Business Development Strategist. Her experience and know how allows her to help you develop and scale your law firm to the next level.

Do I Need Business Strategy For My Law Firm?

What is Business Development Strategy?

Business development strategy is the combination of tasks that make up the road-map to a new strategic direction for your business.

How Do I Know if I need a Business development strategy?

If you are starting a new law firm or already running one, you will need to have plans for the next steps for your business. Implementing a Business Strategy will allow you to take a strategic approach to continually grow and develop your business.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

No, Anthonia works with new and existing law firms to generate business development strategies.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes, Addition to Anthonia’s Strategy Academy, Anthonia offers accountability sessions for clients that have completed the Strategy Academy and would like to continue to develop their business and have some accountability and guidance.

How will I measure success of the business development services provided?

Anthonia will ensure that you are able to identify quantifiable and actionable results from her services. From the onset Anthonia will work with you to clearly determine your goals, generate milestones along with steps that you will need to make to achieve goals.

“Anthonia helped me turn my law firm into a profitable law practice in less than four months!”

Working with Anthonia has allowed me to scale my practice and move into global markets that I didn’t know were possible. She helped open my mind to a truly global market that I’ve overlooked for more than a decade.

Paul D.

CEO, International Law Firm

Anthonia is a freaking genius when it comes to business development. Her ideas are so amazing.

T. Nicole M.

Attorney at Law