Business Development Consulting Sessions

In addition to Anthonia’s Strategy Academy, Anthonia offers One-on-One Business Development Strategy Sessions to lawyers. These sessions provide attorneys the opportunity to work with Anthonia to come up with a tailored strategy for a specific subject that needs to be addressed and dealt with immediately or within the short-term future. Anthonia will work with Lawyers from the Discovery phase through to the Accountability stage to ensure that all bases are covered and that a plan of action is put in place and then maintained.

To be eligible for a One-on-One session with Anthonia you will need to go through an eligibility process to ensure that you and your firm are poised to obtain value from investing in these services. To start the eligibility process, please contact Anthonia via phone or by clicking on the “Contact Anthonia” button above to send her an message with details of your interest.

Discovery Session



Discovery Sessions are 60 min calls pre-booked with Anthonia so that she fully understands your business, your goals and the industry that you are in. You can schedule this call by clicking on the link below to view the days and times that Anthonia is available, you can then select the time that is most convenient for you.

Strategy Session


A strategy session follows an initial discovery session, to prepare for your strategy session, Anthonia will spend between 6 and 8 hours researching and analyzing to understanding your business and industry. She will perform a deep dive deep into your business, industry and offering based on your specific goals to prepare your strategic business plan. Your strategy session will last for 60-90 mins. long and is where Anthonia will have a one-on-one conversation to walk you through her findings, recommendations and tailored strategic business plans and action items to achieve each business goal. After this session you will have a strategic list of action items to be carried out to develop your business and generate maximum revenue. You will also be provided with a free copy of Anthonia’s, Task Crusher Worksheet to help you remain focused on achieving your set strategic business goals. Click the button below to schedule your strategy session.

Accountability Sessions



Accountability sessions are where we maximize everything covered in the strategy session. These sessions are designed to help you stay on track, to ask additional questions and where Anthonia works with you to refine the strategies that you are implementing. These sessions are typically 60 mins long and have proven to be a very successful tactic in ensuring that business owners follow through with their goals. Click the button below to schedule a one-on-one accountability session with Anthonia.

Accountability sessions are typically booked in blocks of 4 sessions.

I didn’t fully understand the concept of business development and how it applied to Lawyers and Law Firms until I worked with Anthonia. Now that I’m fully aware of its value I work with Anthonia on an ongoing basis to continually develop my business.

E. Johnson

President & Equity Partner, Law Firm

There are countless attorneys offering their legal services to clients in my industry. Anthonia has helped me differentiate myself and my law practice from other personal injury attorneys in the market. This has allowed me to substantially expand my business and hire additional personnel to continually develop my practice year-over-year.

Jackson W.

Personal Injury Attorney

The Real Estate market is a very competitive space to be in at this time. Anthonia was able to remind me of the relational aspect of the industry and helped me develop my business and business relationships.

Gina B.

Attorney & CEO, Real Estate Attorney